• Ball Pen is a good way to advertise company new product.Cheap Promotional Pens is the special way for that.Low import cost and easy to print logo are the most attractive advantages for promoting.Metal Pen is another kind of way to print company logo,they are made of metal material like copper and aluminium.The same point between them is printing,there are several methods of printing.Silk screen imprint,laser engraving and heat transfer imprint are the most popular ways to process logo.

    Banner Pens is the same products like flag pen and scroll pens,there is a pull out banner side of pen barrel.Our factory can printing two different banner designs on each side,4+4 full colors and no setup charge.But when printing company logo on clip or barral,it will cause extra charge

    The main selling market of our company are USA,UK,Canada and Europe,like Italy,Belgium,Switzerland,Sweden,etc.We are the biggest manufacturer of banner pen in China,our company has high impression and reputation oversea.Safety online buying and paying,fast delivery time by DHL,FedEx,TNT or UPS.Most of time we make rush order for customer but no extra charge.

Pull Out Pens

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  • Flag Pens

  • Scroll Pens

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Trade Show Gift Banner Scroll Flag Pens
Trade Show Gift Pens
$ 0.570
Order Qty:500
Both Side Banner Pens(2103)
Both Side Banner Pens
$ 0.110
Order Qty:10,000
Flyer Banner Pens(2104)
Flyer Banner Pens
$ 0.250
Order Qty:2,000
Cheap Custom 2012-2013 Calendar Banner Pens
Calendar Banner Pens
$ 0.610
Order Qty:500
Pull Out Pens is like BANNER PEN,SCROLL PEN,FLAG PEN.There is a plastic ball pen with a pull out banner.When people is writing,they will pull out the banner,the advertisement on both sides will be seen.They are good for trade show gift giving away

Printed Advertising Pens

  • Promotional Pens

  • Metal Pens

Promotional Pens(1001)
Promotional Pens
$ 0.000
Order Qty:10,000
Cheap Imprinted Promotional Pens
Cheap Promotional Pen
$ 0.000
Order Qty:5,000
Advertising Ball Pens(1003)
Advertising Ball Pens
$ 0.000
Order Qty:5,000
Promotional Ball Pen(1005)
Promotional Ball Pen
$ 0.000
Order Qty:5,000
Promotional Pens meaning  is more like Advertising Pens.Plastic ball pen is used to be a way for printing company logo(1-4 color) on.When people is handling it,company contact information will be seen.Printing file should be offered in ai,pdf,eps(cmyk) format.